Scientists Are Trying To Clone Jesus Christ From DNA – But Is This Right?

Yes, you’ve read that correctly. It appears as though a Christian organization is currently undergoing a project that is meant to actually bring back Jesus Christ to our planet.

The team behind this is known as The Jesus Has Returned Project, as they appear to want to clone him using the revolutionary techniques from the Genetic Research Group in Switzerland.

The Shroud of Turin is said to have cells from the man himself, and the team believes that with enough time and patience they will eventually be able to fertilize a human egg with this newfound DNA essentially cloning Jesus back into our world through a process known as a symbiotic cellular transfer.

Afterward, if this will be proven to be successful, the following step will be to insert it into the womb of a virgin as she will then give birth to Jesus Christ for the second time.

We can already clone any large mammal on the planet through this technique and it has proven to be effective as far as we know. The tests haven’t actually occurred on humans as of yet though which definitely makes this quite risky, to say the least.

We could, in theory, do this, but according to the Christian officials, since a lot of the relics are recreations not real this will most likely end with a copy of someone else. What do you think though?

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