Immense 8.5 Mile Ancient Pyramid Was Spotted Using Satellite Images, It Is Believed To Be Legendary Atlantis

Researchers think they have located the mythical City of Atlantis after discovering a bizarre artifact in the shape of a pyramid at the ocean’s bottom.

The mystery building, which measures between 3.5 and 11 miles wide and is located in the Pacific Ocean just west of Mexico, was spotted on Google Earth.

A video describing the find was posted on YouTube, sparking widespread speculation that it may be an old drowned city or a UFO.

Marcelo Igazusta of Argentina made the “finding,” describing the item as “a strong light in the Pacific Ocean.” “It is a flawless pyramid that stretches over 8.5 miles across one side of its base,” extraterrestrial conspiracy believer Scott C Waring told The Express. It may be up to 11 miles across, and that’s a conservative estimate.”

He speculated that it may represent an old civilisation or possibly something otherworldly. According to conspiracy theorists, it may be an old seabed pyramid or even aliens.

“Even if this isn’t a UFO that landed in the ocean and was utilized as an extraterrestrial base, it’s still a historic find,” he added.

“An 8.5-mile pyramid… the world’s largest, and it’s just off the coast of Mexico, near the historic Mayan and Aztec pyramids.”


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