Huge Planet Spotted Above Earth Filmed By An Amateur Photographer

While shooting the Moon near Budapest, Hungarian amateur photographer Ivan Eder obtained the image of what appears to be a planet.

An unusual planet emerges against the backdrop of the Moon in the image, indicating that it is incredibly close to our planet. Eder looked at the image for a long time but couldn’t come up with a reasonable explanation for it.

When Eder posted the photograph on the internet, conspiracy theorists quickly linked the planet to the mythical Nibiru.

Others claim that there was a void in space and that the planet seen in the photograph is simply a distorted Moon.

It may possibly be a cloud, according to some, but we can see that it has a flawless form.

Eder claims he didn’t notice anything weird throughout the shoot and isn’t sure if what he filmed is a camera malfunction or anything real.

Nonetheless, even the most unbelievable situations and circumstances have an explanation. In this situation, though, no one is quite sure what to say.

Some people link this to the overall concept that we live in a Matrix, or that the reality we know isn’t the actual one, and a variety of other beliefs.

As we usually say, it’s up to you to solve the puzzle.

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