Are There Huge Ancient Pyramids In Antarctica?

Antarctica was formerly a warm, human-friendly place. For 12 thousand years, thousands of tons of ice have blanketed the globe, leading experts to believe proof could be found there.

Our sources say such evidence has previously been discovered in the form of far earlier pyramids than Egyptian ones.

People have long hypothesized about ancient, possibly man-made structures in isolated, inaccessible locales, and few places match the bill more than Antarctica.

The Egyptian pyramids are reputedly sumptuous instances of large man-made constructions.

Egypt was one of the world’s most opulent civilizations when these monuments were created over four thousand years ago. The Great Pyramid of Giza is one of the oldest and original Wonders of the World.

We’ve all heard of the Egyptian pyramids, but what about the ones in Antarctica? Antarctica is 98 percent ice, a mile thick. On the fifth-largest continent, it has temperatures as low as -89C (-128F).

It’s generally known as an inhospitable location. It was discovered in the early 1800s, despite the belief that a southern continent was required for symmetry.

To visit, humans must brave harsh weather, ice, oceans, and winds aboard a reliable vessel. We must remember that many died in the process of discovery. Antarctica is populated by scientists. Unless you count the penguins.

A cruise ship can take visitors there for a day, but without special equipment or a lot of effort, humans can’t live there very easily (or for very long). Food is sparse and there is just small greenery.

Everything else, like clothing, food, building supplies, medication, and fuel, has to be shipped in.

The fact that Antarctica has been covered in ice for over a thousand years hasn’t gotten much press. Until recently, when a team of European and American experts uncovered three pyramids.

Two were located around 16 km inland, and one nearer the coast. Scientists have compared them to Egyptian pyramids.

This is a significant finding that is being kept quiet in the media due to the consequences of putting it out there for debate. If there are pyramids in Antarctica, they predate written history.

Despite the quiet news, rumors of their presence have spread. Ufologists and academics are intrigued by these strange structures. Many theories have surfaced to try and explain the Antarctic formations.

Aliens developed on a secret military base with access to ancient civilizations? (with breakthrough technology). Others feel they are just formed organically.

There is no information to validate or reject these claims at this time, but if The X-Files taught us anything, it is that “the truth is out there.”

There are numerous photographs of these pyramids in Antarctica. Some photographs from the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, a global undersea expedition effort.

These pyramids raise many questions. Maybe Antarctica wasn’t once so chilly. If it wasn’t, we can believe that these structures were erected and ancient civilizations lived there.

If an ancient civilization had flourished in Antarctica many years ago, there would be proof of life now, say skeptics.

If there are pyramids in Antarctica, there should be enough proof that an ancient society once thrived there. Now the archaeological community must recognize this.

We are continually learning about climate change. Many Egyptologists believe the ancient Sphinx is over 10 thousand years old.

Why do they know? The Sphinx’s water erosion tells of historical climatic change.

If Africa and other parts of the world have altered drastically, why shouldn’t Antarctica?

What if scientists could definitively verify the existence of Antarctica’s pyramids? If they were man-made, it would rewrite history.

Archaeologists and experts today would be hard-pressed to accept that result because it contradicts their current beliefs. But, since this is about discovering the truth, believing shouldn’t matter.

Theoretically, there could be an unbelievable number of ancient civilizations hiding all across the earth.

Other findings in Antarctica include pollen particles uncovered by climate experts in 2009, leading to the assumption that palm palms formerly grew there and summers reached 21° C.

In 2012, scientists discovered over thirty bacterial species in Lake Vida water samples (East Antarctica). Why would another exciting find be unusual?

Are the Antarctic pyramids just nicely sculpted mountains? If so, why do they look so much like Egyptian pyramids? If they are, their resemblance is uncanny. The only response that makes sense is that they are man-made constructions.

When the temperature was right, thousands of years ago, an ancient civilization thrived beneath the thick ice layers, erecting the Antarctic pyramids.

Assuming this idea is right, we will need to rewrite history and our vision of the world. I, for one, cannot.

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