Woman Tells The Truth About Her Alien Abduction – Things Have Never Been The Same

The next abduction story is about a young lady who, while driving home, suffered a terrifying loss of time with her father. She didn’t give it much attention until she started having unusual occurrences later on.

Her husband was alarmed when she awoke with unusual marks on her arm that resembled a hand, and her coworkers teased her that she had been kidnapped. After she was tormented and kidnapped, everything began to fall into place and make sense of what she was going through.

After that unusual bruise, she awoke in the middle of the night immobilized, with a grey extraterrestrial staring her down. She couldn’t move and was frozen. It’s worth noting that this happened years after her initial interaction with her father.

Could she be a test subject that these Extraterrestrials are keeping track on in some way? Or are you suffering from a case of sleeping paralysis?

You are the final arbiter.

Below is a movie that goes through the entire story in detail! Take a look!


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