Woman Stubled Upon a Bizarre Alien Creature Near Area 51

A new find was posted to TikTok from all directions as a woman on the app mentioned having spotted a mysterious creature with strangely long limbs.

As you can see, the user called “stinkyeyescrappy” posted this video last Tuesday asking all of her followers if they could recognize the creature to begin with.

Some thought it was a lizard, to begin with, but it was soon rejected as it seems to be substantially distinct from other lizard species out there.

What is even more strange about this finding is that it revealed that it has been caught around the state of Nevada, USA, near the sealed area 51, which is said to contain the numerous aliens and UFOs that the US has collected over the years.

This very alien-looking organism has been declared an ET of some sort by most commentators, as no one has been able to describe it.

Some referred to it as a frightening monster from a horror movie, and its slightly elongated body certainly makes you calm, to say the least.

Some referred to it as the “Lizard Slenderman” or Star Wars character as a joke, but much of the time, nobody could see what it actually could be.

The video was viral, with over 550 thousand views, 16 thousand shares, and a total of 2.8 million clicks.

Some figured it was simply a toy that had been stretching all along, but so far nobody was able to provide conclusive evidence to back up their hypothesis.

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