Woman Reveals Herself As Being a Reptilian Being – It All Happened Live on TV

The oldest animal species on Earth are reptiles, who have had even more time to evolve due to the fact that humanoid reptiles are far more advanced than their more recent human counterparts.

The older a species is, the more evolved it is, and as Darwin demonstrated, all species evolve.

The humanoid reptilians had already appeared when the huge reptiles were slaughtered by a massive meteorite that impacted the world, and they had hidden in caves and inside the ground to survive the devastation.

Reptilian DNA has developed to the point that they can modify their shape and cover their reptile skin to seem like humans, despite being a species that is a few million years older than humans. Humanoid reptiles are also far more intelligent than humans, according to evolutionary progress.

Many of them have gone to the surface and live among us without our knowledge, despite the fact that they still reside in enormous underground cities. These reptilians appear by mistake from time to time, like in the case of this young girl from Ukraine. The video exhibited has been circulating on the Internet for months and is another more irrefutable evidence that reptilians exist.

When her eyelids blink, the camera is taken aback when her eyes transform into the eyes of a reptile. The reptile woman is a TV program presenter who is interviewing a male.

When the man responds, “Children of Gods, who subsequently became gods,” the lady grins back and blinks with reptile eyes.

The YouTuber gRUNgerOfficial discovered this video on the AllatRa channel. AllatRa is an unusual Ukrainian political movement.

Watch and share the movie below to show your friends that humans are not the only intelligent species on the planet!


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