Why The Alien Civilizations From The Universe Will Not Allow a Nuclear War On Our Planet

Several signs indicate to higher creatures on other worlds saving humanity from a new nuclear war. Since 1948, inexplicable abnormalities have been confirmed by military personnel at US Army nuclear sites, and nuclear launch orders have been canceled on several occasions.

Robert Salas, a former US Air Force captain, claims to have observed such an occurrence on March 16, 1967, at Malmstrom Air Base in Montana, where the Minuteman nuclear missile is stationed.

Salas claims that the US Air Force is lying about the implications of extraterrestrial ships trespassing into the space of a nuclear-weapons-carrying airborne base for national security reasons.

“I was at work when an unexplained object came over the missile silo and began to float,” the Captain adds.

“At the time, ten warheads were deactivated, with another silo deactivated a week later. Our nuclear bombs are a major threat for these flying antiques.”

Similar testimony have been provided by military commanders in England and Russia. Additional than 120 retired military officers appeared to have seen more UFOs flying over these missile silos while watching nuclear tests I performed at a news conference organized by Robert Hastings of Albuquerque, a well-known UFO specialist.

Aliens have come to Earth to avoid a nuclear war, according to astronaut Edgar Mitchell, who was lately interested in the Wikileaks Podesta e-mail dispute. Mitchell believes that UFOs were seen over the world’s first nuclear test, which occurred on July 16, 1945 in the White Sands desert of New Mexico.

Extraterrestrials do not want a nuclear war with humans, and at least one extraterrestrial culture is dedicated to keeping the earth on the moon.

A variety of ideas abound as to why aliens would not want a nuclear war to take place. Nuclear weapons put the flow of time and the existence of our cosmos in jeopardy. A defense barrier has been built around the Earth by the aliens to protect it from any nuclear explosions that may occur on the surface. A spirit spread over the globe by a nuclear detonation, with shards entering and eating numerous beings.

There are unique beings in the cosmos that collect these soul fragments and reconstruct them into a single immortal soul. A nuclear attack from space is being planned by the Illuminati, a demonic organization.

Nuclear power’s target-oriented strategic missiles were displayed in space all around the world on September 11, 2001. As a result of such a rocket, the twin towers were reduced to ruins.





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