Who Ruled Ancient Egypt Before The Pharaohs?

The ancient tales from Egypt tell us of the ones that “came from above” before the first mortal pharaoh of Egypt.

As we’ve come to know by now, Menes-Narmer is oftentimes referred to as the first mortal pharaoh of Egypt, as he was the official ruler that is believed by historians to have established the Egyptian civilization in ancient times.

But, thanks to many ancient texts we have found out that before the age of Menes-Narmer there was a time that ancient gods and kings ruled over Egypt for thousands of years at a time.

These texts are oftentimes ignored by most Egyptologists, as they believe them to be nothing more than works of fiction that were meant to offer entertainment for the ancient pharaohs.

As we know by now, the ancient pharaohs were the only ones allowed to read books in ancient Egypt, which is why all of the ancient Egyptian works of literature that we’ve discovered to this very day were discovered in ancient tombs and pyramids.

The time when the first pharaoh emerged in Egypt is still rather mysterious as no one knows how anyone could have just come up out of nowhere around 3,000 BC only to establish one of the largest and most advanced civilizations known to man.

The Turin Papyrus for one speaks of all of the gods that lived in ancient Egypt before Menes, which date back to over 13,000 years ago.

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