What Caused These Strange-Looking Spiral Cloud Formations?

These strange spirals appeared out of nowhere in the sky from above Tunisia a while back and nobody knew what caused them to emerge in the first place.

That’s right, the people were unsure of how these patterns were created and for the most part, nobody had any real answers to back up their claims.

Some believed that this was all just photoshopped and carefully planned out video editing, but before long the truth emerged from the folks over at The Vane.

They were amongst the first to bring up the fact that this is all a natural event known as “distrails”. This phenomenon is actually caused by the below zero temperatures in the atmosphere that usually freeze the water droplets in the clouds, forcing them to come pummeling down.

But, in this one case, this didn’t happen, as the water still remained in the air. So, as a military plane began flying past it, the strange spirals began forming as the plane was looping through the whole site.

The plane most likely didn’t even notice what is left behind, but the strange pattern emerged soon after and it remained there for a good couple of minutes before it dissipated around yet again.

This beautiful scene got the attention of plenty of online communities as they all tried to explain it in their own way.

Some said that this was true, others claimed that this was alien in nature, while on the other hand, some claimed this was all photoshop. Which side are you on?

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