Weird Giant Face Discovered on A Cliff in Canada

This new discovery comes to us from Canada of all places as it appears as though a massive face was found carved on the side of a cliff here.

The discovery was made by a random kayaker that was enjoying himself as he came across this strange carving on the side of the cliff. He reported it to the media and tried to get as much attention to it as possible but to his surprise, nobody seemed interested.

That is until Hank Gus came along. As the Tseshaht First Nation representative, he was the first one to officially come to the site and actually inspect it himself. The task in itself proved to be quite difficult, to say the least as he reported that he had to fight off the waves while also trying to hold still and measure the structure altogether.

This was quite difficult and according to him almost impossible to do perfectly. But alas, here are the results he came out with.

Apparently, it is a 2 meters tall carving of a face that you can find 12 meters up from the bottom of the cliff and 7 meters down from the top.

Considering just how old it really is according to Matthew Payne it might actually be a remnant of the civilization that lived here before the Tseshaht. As we know by now the Tseshaht inhabited the area for thousands of years so this is definitely interesting to hear, to say the least.

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