Weird Beam of Light Emerges From The Sky In Russia Captured On Camera

As he was trying to take a picture of his friends in the hot tub with the massive aurora in the background Russian photographer Zhiganov spotted something strange about the aurora.

As soon as he pulled out his camera it began shining brighter than ever before.

He was not used to the aurora, to begin with as he was just visiting that day but this was definitely not something normal, to say the least, so when he saw it emerge out of nowhere, he immediately began recording it.

He posted all about this strange luminescence that emerged that day and stated that this was a very rare phenomenon known as the vertical aurora.

To everyone’s surprise, this is not the first case of a vertical aurora ever recorded but this doesn’t make it any less rare as it still is one of the strangest and least recorded incidents ever reported.

Although he was happy with this explanation alone, the online crowds weren’t as pleased, to say the least.

He posted all about how this was the rarest form that the aurora had ever taken but to his surprise, the crowds were more so inclined to believe that this was some sort of a laser/plasma beam instead.

As strange as it may seem it is definitely not your average aurora sighting and if it is proven to just be a rare form it definitely still makes for quite the sighting, to say the least.

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