We Are NOT The 1st Civilization On This Planet

This is one of the most commonly accepted theories by Ufologists all around the globe. We have plenty of proof of an ancient alien civilization living before us in the ancient religious texts that we’ve uncovered before.

These aliens had access to advanced technology and they would wake nuclear wars on our planet.

This is why primordial global warming occurred as they were farming the Earth’s nucleus in order to power up everything. This caused the Earth’s core to melt down and its poles to go along with it.

As you may have guessed by now, the planet didn’t take it all so well, so before we knew it, we were completely on fire, literally. The planet was scorching hot to the point where life could no longer be sustained on it. So, these creatures that lived on our planet over 60 million years ago decided to leave outer space and find another place to inhabit and essentially destroy.

After they left, we took over and since we were not advanced in the slightest, we had no way of hurting the planet anymore. Instead, we helped it heal, we lived in the forest and we lived off of nature’s mercy. This is the truth that you won’t find in any history book, it is the real truth.

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