We Already Know Much More things About UFOs And Extraterrestrials Than We Think

“I can promise you that, if they exist, flying saucers are not built by any force on Earth.” -President Harry S. Truman, at a White House news conference on April 4, 1950.

“The saucers went over the base every day for the following two or three days.” They appeared in groups of four at times, and as many as sixteen at other times. They seemed to be able to outmaneuver and outflank us at will. They moved at different speeds—sometimes extremely fast, sometimes very slow—and sometimes they would come to a complete halt as we sped beneath them.” — Astronaut Gordon Cooper, while serving as a military pilot in Germany, describes his first direct contacts with UFOs.

“These (gray aliens) were live, breathing beings, just like you and me.” They were human beings with feelings and families. They had a civilization based on culture. They lacked just one thing: hatred and animosity. They were angry, and from what I could tell—and I don’t know how else to put it—it was intellectual rage.

“They couldn’t understand how a race with so much capacity to achieve such magnificent and lovely things could do such dreadful and nightmare things to one another.” -Master Sgt. Clifford Stone, ret., claimed that while serving in a US Army unit that recovered wrecked extraterrestrial vehicles, he encountered “gray” aliens. 2001

“I believe we have been contacted—perhaps even visited—by extraterrestrial entities, and the US administration, in cooperation with other world leaders, is trying to keep this knowledge hidden from the public.” -Victor Marchetti, retired CIA officer, quoted in Second Look, vol. 1, no. 7, Washington, D.C. 1979, in “How the CIA Views the UFO Phenomenon.”

“We cannot take credit for our recent progress in certain scientific domains on our own. We’ve received assistance.” -NASA German rocket scientist Dr. Herman Oberth Oberth responded, “The inhabitants of other worlds,” when asked who the helpers were.

Consider the following scenario. You visit a scientific museum and enter the Ancient Civilizations Hall. You may wander through scenes of prehistoric existence there, such as makeshift shelters, fireplaces, and rudimentary crafts.

A strong odor overcomes you as you crouch down to examine semi-apes with short heads and large jawbones. It dawns on you that this is no ordinary museum. When you approach the exhibits, they come to life, sending you to the actual place of such events: the smoke, the terror, and the passions of harsh yet beautiful terrain.

What would your reaction be?

With one exception, your experience would be identical to what aliens could have while visiting the planet Earth. Some aliens may have progressed to a level many times greater than the divide between you and the semi-apes in the museum.

How might aliens be technologically superior to laser surgery, semiconductors, and jet flight?

Wouldn’t they sympathize with our literature, legal systems, and philanthropy at the very least?

They most likely would, although some may be distressed to see humans repeating mistakes that they committed millions, if not billions, of years ago. They may provide a suggestion for a better way of life. Without a doubt, some people would like to assist us in evolving in a more peaceful manner.

Other less advanced aliens may try to exploit our backwardness in order to expand their area of influence and get access to the resources in our neighborhood.

In certain circumstances, this would go against the greater off-world grain, but if the intruders were powerful intruders from another galaxy, for example, Earth’s neighbors might not be able to stop them.

The perils of war would be far too great. Instead, nearby aliens may attempt to teach humans how to be more responsible for themselves and the greater world.

They may think we’re a hardy bunch, prone to superstition and unwilling to explain Bronze Age religious beliefs rationally. Aliens, on the other hand, could be amazed by the intellectual advances of the previous 20 to 30 years.

Consider the following scenario:

1) Feminist philosophy that distinguishes between biological gender and popular gender stereotypes

2) a global campaign to respect indigenous peoples’ rights and human resources.

3) a growing understanding of our limited global ecosystem

4) a delayed but significant popularization of both quantum physics principles and logic.

We utilize computers that are based on quantum physics on a daily basis, despite the fact that most people haven’t really grasped the underlying strangeness of quantum physics.

Without a sure, one more pattern in human cognition would stand out.

A huge number of individuals throughout the world have been exposed to, though not substantially impacted by, extraterrestrial life depictions.

In contrast to the world of fifty years ago, most people now regard large-headed individuals with almond-shaped eyes as aliens.

High-tech firms make commercials equating their products to extraterrestrials, and films featuring extraterrestrials abound on the all-time list of top-grossing films.

The extraterrestrial motif is much more extensive. According to recent opinion polls, more than 40% of Americans believe the government is conspiring to conceal the truth about UFOs.

That’s almost a hundred million people (more than voted in the last US election). About a third of those questioned believe that humans have established contact with extraterrestrials.

Other countries’ news channels, believe it or not, often broadcast footage of UFOs flying across their sky. On Mexico’s version of “60 Minutes,” led by Jaime Maussan, for example, millions have observed enormous formations of non-human objects passing behind clouds.

In recent studies, defense ministry panels in France and the United Kingdom concluded that their governments should prepare for the high “chance” that aliens will visit the planet and that downed extraterrestrial technology has made its way into a black budget system in the United States.

Only a few years ago, Russia’s chairman of the joint chiefs of staff, the country’s highest-ranking military leader, stated that his country often observes extraterrestrial craft and has alien equipment that has been downed. Those in China, as well as officials in a number of other countries, have spoken openly about the issue.

In reality, what was formerly known as UFOs are now more often referred to as “IFOs,” or “identified flying objects.”

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