Was Moses And Akhenaten One And The Same Person?!

I’ve always maintained that Akhenaten’s brother Tutmosis was the historical Moses… This guy thinks it was Akhenaten who was Moses…

Have Moses’ biblical narratives been distorted in order to conceal his true ancestry… for example, who puts a kid in a basket and sends him down the river??? Some wonderful parenting there………..in any case, I still believe Moses was an alien hybrid of some type and was intimately associated with the Egyptian paraoh Akhenaten.

And I don’t think the Bible tells the whole tale….there are other histories that paint this story in a different light.

Most people find it difficult to believe that every Civilization on Earth today descended from the Ancient Sumerians.

The Ancient Egypt we see today was only re-inhabited after the great flood and was only possible because the Sumerians, at Enoch’s instruction, built a Doomsday scenario vault to secure the DNA of most life on Earth at the time.

History suggests that the Anunnaki knew the flood was coming but did little to save the population; they were our creators, but it appears that the rogue God Enoch was the one who helped Humanity save a life, and it also appears that the Anunnaki were not angered by this, but rather impressed that this was accomplished.

After the survival, they aided us rather than hindered us in our battle for survival, but as history has progressed, this has become increasingly watered down from one Civilization to the next, to the point that we now struggle to believe the reality.



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