Virtiual Archaeologist Discovers a Bizarre Stonehenge-Like Construction On MARS

One of the world’s greatest mysteries has just become stranger, as what appears to be yet another precise replica of Stonehenge has been discovered on Mars of all places.

That’s right, one of the oldest and most intriguing structures on Earth, for which we have no idea who built it in the first place, appears to be existing on Mars as well.

It is thought to have been an old astronomical observatory of some form, and this simply adds to the evidence.

It is thought to date back 5,000 years as one of the many relics of an advanced ancient civilisation on Earth and one of the most compelling proofs of the Ancient Astronaut theory, which predicts that aliens came to Earth in ancient times to either reign over humanity or guide us.

This new structure, on the other hand, remains a mystery, having been identified in one of NASA’s own images of Mars.

Mister Enigma, a UFO hunter, discovered it a while ago and has been preaching about it all over the internet, asking people to look for more similar structures around the planet.

Scott C. Waring, one of our generation’s top virtual archaeologists, also supports this notion, since he discussed it on his blog, noting the Rosetta spacecraft discovery earlier this spring.

In case you hadn’t heard, another sequence of three stony pillars was spotted on comet 67P, which Scott believes is linked to these two.

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