Vatican Translator Claims That An Alien God Genetically Cloned The All The Human Race

Mauro Biglino was a theology student who had spent the previous 30 years studying so-called “holy scriptures,” knowing that only firsthand investigation of ancient writings could offer humanity with a better understanding of religion.

Because of his studies and knowledge of Latin and Greek, Biglino was able to serve as a translator for the San Paolo publishing business.

Mauro Biglino

The Vatican has finally published 17 novels based on the Old Testament.

Among the 17 volumes authored by San Paolo with the assistance of Mauro Biglino are the 12 prophets and five magicians.

Of course, regardless of whether or not the explanation is correct, it does not rule out the presence of a superior creator, Deity. It also does not imply that faith is required.

Mauro Biglino directly addresses translated texts in the first two films published in 2018, which you can view below, suggesting that Alien God has cloned humans using their own alien genetic code.

In the third video, Mauro Biglino continues biblical translations in 2019, including the Old Testament and the New Testament, claiming that the Old Testament essentially describes how aliens formed people using Apes and Elohim’s genetic code.

He also concedes that anyone interested in seeing this analysis for themselves should consult the source manuscripts. It also claims that the Old Testament does not make the same references to God that the New Testament does.

Unfortunately, the three videos appear to have been removed from YouTube.

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