University Professor Discovered a Population of Fairies (video)

A brand-new discovery was made by Professor John Hyatt which took the world by storm. Despite the fact that he had known about this way before he made it public, he simply couldn’t risk his own career over showing this to the rest of the world.

So, he waited patiently in order to find proof of it before he would eventually bring it forth to the world.

He waited for years and years until he managed to finally take pictures of his discovery, and so he soon came out with it, expecting the worst of backlashes, but to his surprise, his discovery wasn’t as shunned as he’d expected it to be.

Since he had actual proof of it, not many were able to contest the fact that he had officially proven the existence of fairies in our world.

Many have lost their jobs and credibility because of similar statements so he was definitely feeling a bit sick on the inside coming out like this, but he decided that the truth was way more than worth the trouble that it entailed.

So, in his official statement, he reported that the English countryside of Rosendale was filled to the brim with a civilization of fairies of all creatures.

The population has been on a steady rise as of yet and according to him, they’re spreading more and more and showing themselves to random people.

They look like small miniature humans with wings and they shine very brightly as you can tell from the picture.

The Whitaker Museum has its own showcase of them known as the Rosendale Fairies where you can go yourself and see the proof of fairies right there in front of your own two eyes.

Back in 1917 for example, you can hear about how Frances Griffiths came across them and fell into the stream nearby because she was so engrossed by them, while in 2009 Phyllis Back took this picture of fairies in her garden showcasing the fact that they are real.


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