UFOs May Actually Come from Parallel Worlds – French Intelligence Officer Said

There are hundreds if not thousands of theories out there being discussed as we speak about aliens and UFOs. Even some of society’s greatest assets have brought up a lot of these theories.
Take for example Michael Masters, an expert that believes that UFOs are actually time travel machines that our future selves from a parallel universe are using to get to us.

The following picture showcases a sort of a “tic-tac” shaped object which Physicist Jack Sarfatti believes could essentially travel through time itself.

But they’re not alone on this as for example renowned scientist Jacques Valee also discussed this theory stating the fact that UFOs definitely come from parallel universes but that we also don’t know what their mission really is at the end of the day.

Director Alain Juillet brought this up to on multiple occasions alongside hundreds of other astronauts and fighter pilots that showcased the fact that the flying saucers definitely had the technology to break through our gravitational laws as we know them.

Many believe that they work based on the laws from a different universe altogether, one that is opposite to our own. This would also explain why they can so easily disappear right in front of us.

If they can easily go back and forwards in time then how will we ever catch up to them? That’s the real conundrum we’re currently finding ourselves in and we don’t like it one bit.

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