UFO Hunter Posts NASA Recordings of Colossal Spherical UFO Right in Front of the Sun

The STEREO HI1 Satellite recently came upon what appears to be a massive blue spherical object of some sort that seemingly circles around the Sun as we speak.

According to renowned UFO hunter, Pamela Johnson the Sun itself actually reacted to the sphere as it appears to have responded to it approaching it all together.

Experts have even reported the fact that the footage for the next following days was actually lost too, meaning that whoever had spotted this didn’t want the world to see the truth after all.

The Mexican Pamela Johnson posted these pictures all around the internet and specifically on her personal Facebook account as she believes that, as mentioned previously, the Sun in itself reacted to the object.

This all happened on November 15th, as the following couple of days of content has been deleted altogether according to her.

Some skeptics however believe that this couldn’t have actually come from the satellite as NASA wouldn’t allow such vital information to get leaked all over the internet.

Whether or not these pictures are legit we cannot say for sure, as there are definitely other explanations at hand, but what we will say is that we commend Pamela for sticking with her opinion despite there being a decently rough backlash to her post.

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