UFO Expert Discovered a Bizarre Alien Structure Located Inside a Lunar Crater

To get a sense of how weird the moon is, consider this comment from NASA scientist Robin Brett: “It seems simpler to explain the Moon’s non-existence than its reality.”

The Russian scientists suggested the hypothesis that the Earth’s Moon is a planetoid that has been actually hollowed out over eons in the distant reaches of the cosmos by highly evolved sentient people with technology much superior to ours, including today.

The research.

Sputnik, a Soviet publication, published it. China, for example, is launching the Chang’e-4 mission, which is set to land on the far side of the moon to address some of these concerns. Let’s hope it answers some of the mystery about the moon’s side that constantly faces away from Earth.

The mysteries haven’t ended yet. There are numerous moon photographs accessible for people to see now that they have access to increasingly powerful amateur telescopes.

Amateur astronomers captured one of these photographs, which shows a fascinating, seemingly constructed structure inside a lunar crater. Thirdphaseofmoon, a YouTube channel with over 600,000 followers, shared the photograph as well as information about it.

It depicts what looks to be a bizarre building jutting from a crater, which the YouTuber speculates may be part of an extraterrestrial moon base.

As the movie proceeds, the narrator wonders if the building shown in Mr. William Bennett’s original film is an artificial dome-shaped structure and if pictures like the one presented in the video are preparing us for the reveal.


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