UFO Enthusiast Filmed A Mysterious UFO, 5 Times Bigger Than Earth, Shooting Out of Sun

According to reports, a large number of extraterrestrial alien drones are circling our planet, gathering data and studying our society.

Their scale is comparable to that of planets in the Solar System, which means they are enormous, and the races or entities responsible for their construction and fabrication should have technology that much beyond our own.

Because of their immensity, many researchers, specialists, and even skeptics refuse to consider them as man-made things, claiming that we could never build such technological marvels.

More intriguing, these objects bear no resemblance to any typical Euclidean form; instead, they are extremely intricate geometrical figures.

More recently, a massive rocket-like object was apparently fixed near the Sun’s orbit when it suddenly shoots off into space at an angle that, as previously said, does not fix with any known dimensions or form ever known.

If that wasn’t enough of a shock, the asteroid was nearly four times the diameter of our planet. The majority of ufologists are still baffled as to how to interpret these happenings.

Of course, communication with this type of entity is unimaginable because we haven’t been able to build relationships with individuals who already live on our planet, let alone these massive, god-like creatures whose only potential existence is practically impossible to us.


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