U.S Army Developed a Highly-Advanced Liquid Metal Similar to ‘Terminator’

As a result of the altering atomic bonds in conductive materials, stretching them tends to decrease conductivity and hence increase resistance.

Nonetheless, it is claimed that this new substance has the exact opposite effect. This brings up new opportunities for the advancement of electronics and engineering.

Military experts in the United States have developed a liquid metal system that can entirely change its form when strained. Don’t you think it looks a lot like the Terminator’s wicked form-changing robot?

The novel substance is known as polymerized liquid metal networks, according to a news statement. It is made up of well-organized nanostructures made up of individual liquid-metal particles that are joined in a network by a polymerized process.

It may be tightened up to 700 percent and responds to the tension independently before returning to its normal state. Furthermore, the material’s property was preserved after 10,000 cycles.

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