Two Massive Objects Are Actually Extracting Energy From Our Sun, Spotted by NASA’s Solar Heliospheric Observatory (VIDEO)

These videos were caught and posted all over the world, and while government officials attempted to remove them as best as they could, it was too late, as all the giants of the UFO groups joined together to justify why this finding was so substantial and why it needed to be checked into, as it simply shows what NASA has been hiding from us all along.

The first observation was made by the Internet as a whole, as several people at the same time discovered the sphere standing just beyond the Sun’s vicinity, but that’s not all, as a few months later another UFO hunter came out to say that he himself had actually come across a much more significant discovery as yet another UFO could be seen in the same image.

This second UFO totally surprised anyone who saw the image, to begin with, and also broke down NASA’s own interpretation of the incident as the coronal cavity associated with the filament was no longer probable given the second experience near the Sun.

So, what is the spherical objects to start with? It is planet-sized UFO, unlike anything we’ve seen before. This is claimed to be greater than our world, and it looks as if it is collecting plasma from the light, basically chewing away at the corona of the sun and extracting the energy away to use as fuel for their ships.

Another recent discovery was made by none other than Scott C. Waring himself as it appears like he’s done the impossible yet again, proving the multibillion-dollar corporation NASA wrong for the zillionth time now.

He decided to confront them face-to-face during their annual meeting, asking them who they believed they were with their latest attempt to deny the existence of UFOs.

Their Solar Heliospheric Observatory captured the original image. This means that there was no glitch in the capture, which is a clear indication that it was an attempt to censor a UFO in outerspace.

Scott strongly believes that this was done to conceal an alien ship harvesting plasma energy from Sun.

NASA did not censor the following images, which shows what appears to be an enormous UFO harvesting plasma energy form the Sun and using it as fuel.

Watch the two videos below and tell us what you think.



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