Transylvania’s Bermuda Triangle – The Enigmatic Forest of Hoia Baciu (video)

The mysterious Hoia Baciu Forest is by far one of Romania’s most interesting locations to visit, to say the least. On the surface, it may look like your ordinary forest, but the legends behind it are quite astounding, to say the least.

The locals refer to it as the most haunted forest in all of Romania and quite possibly in the whole world too.

What makes it so scary? First of all, the trees are incredibly thick meaning that even during rush hours during Summer you will still find yourself in near pitch darkness as the sun cannot actually blow through a lot of the more secluded areas from the forest.

If that weren’t enough you can also find yourself in one of the many places that are filled with trees that appear to be almost skeletal looking and because of this strange shape of theirs they end up creating an eerie sound which is believed to be a representation of the screaming from the lost souls that made its way to Hell.

A lot of children and adults were reported missing inside too which is why many refer to it as the Bermuda Triangle of Romania.

The Locals believe that ghosts, ghouls, and even the undead all walk around midnight essentially looking for the next victim to take with them to the afterlife.

Some have also accredited the disappearances to alien abductions but that is still debatable to this very day.


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