This Strange Ghostly Glowing Creature Was Spotted Walking On Water In Marble Falls, Texas

There are several examples of mysterious energy manifesting in various contexts. This might be the result of a momentary break between our reality and another dimension, according to academics.

Another argument is that these appearances occur all the time in our world but are hidden from our range of view and only appear by coincidence in some photographs.

This is what occurred in Marble Falls, Texas, last year. A group of individuals were trespassing on private property to snap photographs when they came upon a bizarre green thing floating above the water’s surface.

It only shows in one image, but the strong>creature/strong> is plainly visible.

After a year of research, no one could come up with a credible explanation for the image. What is evident is that the creature in the photograph resembles a ghost or a type of extraterrestrial that most likely resides within the lake.

If we examine it attentively, we can see that it has two legs and two hands, indicating that it is a humanoid. Because the small green creature throws shadows, the validity of this photograph cannot be questioned.

Despite the fact that multiple images of the same location were shot, the green creature only shows in one of them. This being might be the place’s spirit, according to one idea. Another theory states that there is a hidden base beneath the lake.

Take a peek at the image for yourself and let us know what you think.


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