This Man Filmed A Giant UFO Floating Right Above Lake Erie

Last December, two American residents – a father and son – were driving along the shore of Lake Erie, Ohio, when they came across a massive object hovering above the water’s surface. The appearance of an unexplained item in the Great Lakes is no accident.

Because numerous ships, planes, and people disappeared in this area, many folklore and legends refer to those lakes as the “Cursed Triangle” of the United States.

For example, Northwest Orient Airlines Flight 2501 vanished without a trace in Lake Michigan on June 23, 1950.

Locals, on the other hand, are sure that extraterrestrial foundations exist in these lakes, which is not hard to believe given the number of UFO encounters.

Let’s return to the father and son situation. The item seemed to them to be a “flying saucer” with well-defined edges. The fact that it is mirrored on the lake’s surface is much more significant. Aside from that, the water below looked to glitter or stir, as if the item had caused some type of force or change, despite the fact that it was 6 meters up.

This is only one of the numerous incidents that show that unusual and unexplained things happen in the Great Lakes, with some even alleging that an underwater alien base exists.


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