This Man Builds His Own Great Pyramid And Taps Into Mysterious Energy

Jim Onan is the man of the hour, the mad lad that saw an opportunity and grabbed it, discovering what seems like “out of this world” potential in the meantime. This all started when he came across a university study about the potential energy-boosting powers of the pyramids and how the ancient Egyptians exploited said powers for their own good.

After doing a lot of research on the matter and making sure that he has the means for his own little experiment too he eventually decided that he was ready for the final task, making his own replica of the Great Pyramid from Egypt.

He began by building a number of small pyramids and placing them around his house, trying to generate some sort of a reaction. The people that resided around his house or inside reported feeling strange when coming in contact with them, even going as far as to say that they feel way more confident in their own abilities as a whole.

He concluded his first experiment by stating that pyramids did in fact emit strange energy along their vicinity.

That’s when he finalized his project by building a huge pyramid of thirteen feet tall and planted a few plants inside of it. The plants grew astonishingly fast three times the size of the plants that were placed outside of the pyramid.

More and more strange phenomena happened in his backyard, a strange spring water started appearing out of nowhere which allegedly has healing powers beyond belief. Many have disputed his claims, referring to them as mere signs of the placebo effect taken to the extreme, but the proof is lining up and increasing in number, making this one hell of a project.


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