This Man Buids a Replica Of The Ancient Great Pyramid Of Egypt And Taps Into Mysterious Energy

When Jim Onan came across a university research on the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians’ possible energy-boosting properties, he was interested enough to put the report’s claims to the test.

He could never have predicted the strange and amazing voyage he was about to go on when he began his amateur experiments.

To put the hypothesis to the test, Onan constructed a series of miniature pyramids and strategically arranged them around his home. Visitors and family members immediately felt a weird feeling when they placed their hands above the small structures, implying that the pyramids may be radiating electricity.

Onan’s interest was sparked, so he decided to take his experiment to the next level. He erected a thirteen-foot-tall pyramid in his garden and invited his son, a botanist, to plant some plants. Surprisingly, they discovered that plants placed inside the pyramid grew three times as large as those planted outside the structure.

Onan was so taken aback by the power these structures seemed to possess that he decided to remodel his family home in the shape of a pyramid. The home was built from the ground up to completely replicate the Great Pyramid of Giza’s architecture, scaled down to a tenth of its original size.

Another remarkable event occurred while building was ongoing. Inside the home, the centre of the floor began to give way to a bubble of continually flowing spring water. This was especially shocking because the planners had given no hint that such a thing might happen, leading Onan to believe that the water had materialized due to the pyramid’s construction.

Even worse, one of the site’s construction employees took it upon himself to gather and consume some of the magically emerging spring water. He reported that he noticed a considerable reduction in his blood pressure after drinking the water.

Onan thought it was worth looking into, so he encouraged others to take water from the spring and consume it. They returned, claiming to have been healed of a variety of diseases, much to his surprise.

While some have rejected the claim as a placebo effect, Onan’s experience with pyramid buildings is fascinating. Because most people today are unaware of the complete narrative behind the pyramids built by the ancient Egyptians, Onan’s haphazard attempts may serve as a precursor to the spectacular discoveries that Egyptologists may make in the future.


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