This Is The Actual UFO That Shut Down An Entire Chinese International Airport

Ever since it was first launched, the Xiaoshan Airport from Hangzhou, China has been running smoothly without a problem. But, after the most recent incident occurred the airport was forced to close down and divert all 18 of the flights that were heading their way.

According to them, they had no choice because an unidentified spacecraft of some time popped up out of nowhere above them. The radars didn’t pick it up until it was already right above them and their immediate reaction was to stop every incoming flight and proceed carefully from there on. They tried to contact the ship but to no avail.

The appearance was recorded by many onlookers, and thanks to the fact that we have dozens of different perspectives of the same ship we can safely say this wasn’t a hoax.

Some believe that this was a UFO of some sort, but others are sure that this was a man-made aircraft. If the military had anything to do with it then this might explain its sudden emergence, but nobody knows why they would make it in the first place or more specifically why it would pop up over here of all places.

Watch the following video yourself and see just how scary of an experience it must have been for the tourists.

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