This Is Not An Alien UFO From Outer Space, This Is Actually a Top-Secret Anti-Gravity Plane Called TR-3B

In the instance of the TR-3B Black Manta, it refers to a craft that employs highly pressurized mercury propelled by nuclear energy to make plasma, which produces an anti-gravity field surrounding the craft.

Its motive power system has an electromagnetic coil, which produces an electromagnetic drive that interacts with the Higgs-Boson field at the quantum level. It’s all quite interesting!

So, instead of using a traditional turbine or rocket engine, an anti-gravity aircraft uses a propulsion system that generates thrust by creating high-energy plasma. ‘Flux liners’ is another name for these planes.

Anti-gravity technology, like many other diverse aviation technologies, may be traced back to the late stages and aftermath of World War II, notably the clandestine US initiative known as Operation Paperclip.

The goal of Operation Paperclip was for the United States to obtain as much leverage as possible over the Soviet Union in the military weapons technology race, which is why the operation was crammed to the rafters with Nazi-affiliated German experts.

That implies the United States has spent over 70 years researching anti-gravity technologies.

It is the culmination of ideas about gravity, quantum gravity, and general relativity, the latter of which was initially proposed by Albert Einstein himself.

Anti-gravity is of great interest to both the military and scientists because it is theoretically possible to lower an aircraft’s mass to zero by employing electromagnetic propulsion.

It’s no surprise that organizations like NASA, the US Air Force, and Lockheed Martin have all engaged in theoretical research into the potential to change inert mass.

The TR-3B Black Manta, according to analysts, would utilize conventional thrusters situated at the aircraft’s tips to allow it to conduct a dizzying amount of quick high-speed maneuvers.

Perfect right-angle turns and rapid acceleration are among the features available. And it could do so along with all three of its axes.

Remember, the TR-3B was built to be a stealthy subsonic surveillance plane.

For one thing, other than a minor humming sound, it’s a pretty quiet airplane. The TR-3B’s plasma has the unique side effect of dramatically lowering the aircraft’s radar signal, making it perfect for missions when stealth is critical.

As a result, the TR-3B Black Manta could fly into almost any country’s airspace without being noticed by its air traffic control or air defense systems.

This little black number has been linked to many sightings of flying triangular aircraft above Antelope Valley, a desert region in southern California popular with UFO enthusiasts.

Given its closeness to many known military research and testing facilities, this desert area of California also attracts those interested in clandestine black projects or “black operations aircraft projects.”

Edwards Air Force Base and USAF Plant 42, the latter of which is only 60 miles (97 kilometers) from Los Angeles.

In my perspective, the US Air Force should thank its fortunate stars for UFO enthusiasts and extraterrestrial spacecraft believers.

After all, as reported by Popular Mechanics, a lot of claims of so-called black triangle UFOs were most likely covert military aircraft.

The TR-3B Black Manta would undoubtedly be a standard black operations project for the United States Air Force and Navy.

The 1950s U2 espionage plane, the 1980s SR-71 jet, and today’s F-117A stealth craft are just three examples of planes that the US Air Force denied existed for years, all of which were originally secretly created at Nevada’s infamous Area 51 station.

Let’s not forget that Area 51 was only formally confirmed by the US government in June 2013, thanks to a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request made eight years prior.

Is it, however, real?

Of course, there are claims that the TR-3B was developed by the military utilizing reverse-engineered alien technology.

Even Forbes magazine speculated in 2021 that the patents granted to Salvatore Cezar Pais may be a cover for extraterrestrial technology obtained by the US military over the years.

So, how’s the TR-3B Black Manta doing? Is there a way to find out how far back it goes, if at all? Is it connected to the aforementioned 2018 patent granted to Pais and the United States Navy? Is it an aircraft, a bird, or even Superman himself? No, it’s simply the US Air Force playing with our minds once more.

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