This Is How The Ancient Pyramids Were Build According To The Latest Research

From the moment they were found, Egypt’s majestic pyramids have been cloaked in mystery. Their complexity and massive size have sparked much debate in the scientific community over how they were formed.

The blocks used to construct the huge pyramids have an extraordinarily massive size and weights.

How did ancient people manage to cut and move millions of massive slabs of stone? One of the most popular ideas is that these pyramids were created by or with the assistance of an intelligent alien culture with antigravity technology.

However, current research indicates that these pyramids were built by humans utilizing surprisingly simple and inventive technologies. A group of experts discovered an exceptionally creative method for fusing stone blocks using an alchemical material called Ari Kart.

This finding completely alters the concept of how the Egyptian pyramids were constructed. According to the findings, the ancient Egyptians utilized a very clever technique to make concrete limestone, which the builders used to model stone blocks straight on the construction site.

This indicates that the massive blocks of limestone were not extracted from quarries and transported over the desert. According to Joseph Davidovits, a geopolymer expert, the great pyramids were created utilizing this chemical formula that could convert “liquid stone” into solid stone blocks.

There are doubters who do not agree with Joseph Davidovits’ method, however you will be shocked if you view your next video.

Watch the video below to see this strategy in action:

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