This Immense Structure Spotted in Antarctica Could Actually be a Building

In 2012, a “mystery edifice” arose in the frozen continent of Antarctica. This odd sight, according to experts, could be constructed from an ancient culture.

The bizarre building has started to emerge from Antarctica’s snow.

According to researchers, the Antarctic structure possesses distinct traits that indicate it was built by humans.

This 121-meter-wide building adds to a growing body of evidence pointing to the existence of an ancient metropolis buried beneath the ice in Antarctica.

Is there a lost civilization in Antarctica?

The climate in Antarctica is harsh, with temperatures rarely exceeding 0 degrees Celsius. As a result, it is nearly deserted.

This frigid climate is said to have arrived on the continent around 6,000 years ago and has remained frozen to this day. As a result, experts assumed that the appearance of a “weird mound” was due to sastrugi, or sharp grooves in the snow caused by the wind.

This phenomenon, on the other hand, is characterized by sharp short edges. The shape of the structure that was forming was oval.

Following the discovery of a massive pyramid, various speculations concerning the existence of an ancient civilization in Antarctica have surfaced.

The structure has a length of around 241 kilometers and might be buried at a depth of roughly 848 meters, according to researchers.

This recent discovery revives the hypotheses of other experts, implying that Antarctica may have been the location of Atlantis.

Remember that scientists discovered evidence that Antarctica was once a warm area 12,000 years ago.

Because of the motions of the earth’s crust, the current ice did not exist, and it may possibly have humans occupying its territories.

Experts are surprised by the resemblance to ruins discovered in South Africa.

Is it possible that Atlantis is buried beneath the ice?

According to the most recent studies, there was a society that existed at the conclusion of the last ice age.

This could be the lost city mentioned by Plato in 360 BC, which was erected by the ancient Atlanteans.

According to certain views, the strange structure that developed in Antarctica may be linked to ancient ruins discovered in southern Africa.

Indeed, the resemblance in appearance and form to those found in Emakhazeni, a municipality in South Africa’s Nkangala area, is astounding.

Even the material of the construction discovered in this region has been dated to correlate with the period when Antarctica was frozen. Dolerite is a 200,000-year-old mineral.

Construction techniques have also been shown to be similar. This leads us to believe that they were built by the same people or, failing that, that they knew the same things.

The mystery of Antarctica is so vast that no one knows what might be hiding beneath the ice. There have been far too many theories to yet, but the discovery of this structure adds to the evidence that a secret metropolis exists.

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