This Giant Monolith Was Discovered by NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter Camera

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter has been casually taking pictures of the Red Planet for a while now, with some controversies every now and then piling up, although there’s rarely been any serious allegations coming from its pictures.

Recently however the high-resolution camera that is on board the orbiter has spotted what appears to be a massive monolith on the surface of the Red Planet.

What’s so strange about it in the first place is the fact that this boulder looks nothing like its surroundings, as many have sworn to have never even seen it on camera in previous pictures of the same site.

Could this just be the remnant of a boulder that broke away from the bedrock creating this rectangular monolith or is this the result of a technologically advanced civilization?

Regardless of which side you’re on you need to attest over the fact that whatever this monolith is it definitely deserves more attention than it already got as we definitely need to get a closer look at it before we make any assumptions to begin with.

That would be fine and all if it weren’t for the second massive monolith that seemingly rests behind this rectangular-shaped structure.

This other monolith is clearly shaped like a pyramid and if that weren’t strange enough it also appeared out of nowhere alongside this rectangular monolith.

Are they connected and most importantly are they the remnants of an ancient Martian civilization?

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