This following footage was captured by none other than Linda Miller Herself As She Stated That She Captured Yet Another Proof of UFOs In Space

These two huge flying objects were captured near our sun and the internet is going crazy over them.
This newfound discovery was actually reported on by an amateur astronomer as she was trying to get a good shot of the Sun.

You might think that the video is edited but it has been proven to be a hundred percent legit already.

In the video you can see that the two flying objects are rather massive, to say the least as they appear to be almost the size of our planet.

Whatever they are, they’re definitely advanced as they appear to be traveling at incredibly high speeds to the point where they are breaking the atmosphere of the Sun as they are blowing past it.

Linda Miller, the person that originally took the picture of the two objects stated that she was just as baffled as everyone else online over what this discovery could really mean.

For the most part, the internet agreed that this most definitely is footage of alien life out there.

The technology needed for these objects to be constructed far exceeds anything we’ve ever made, to say the least, so if proven to be real this could mean that we might be in trouble in case we get on their bad side.

Regardless, the two UFOs were captured on July 11th, 2019 and while one of the clearly appears to be triangular the other has a rather inconspicuous shape.

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