This Bizarre 3,000-Year-Old Ancient Statue May Reveal The Advanced Ancient Technology

Take a look at the Temple of Uthiragosamangai, whose stone carvings have confounded experts all over the world.

The local administration decided to make duplicates of the statues featured in this temple and distribute them throughout the state. Of course, high-tech machinery were utilized to manufacture very close, if not identical, duplicates.

Modern sculptors assume that ancient sculptors followed the same method they did, except that because they did not have such refined techniques as we do, they must have worked for several weeks with very rudimentary and antique instruments.

Furthermore, residents claim that the newer monuments have a significant fault. That is, the ball inside the lion’s mouth is made of the same material as the rest of the statue, although the ball in the original statues was made of a separate material called Onyx.

Is this yet another sign or proof of an extremely advanced ancient civilization? How do we describe anything like this?

For further information, please watch the video below.


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