This “Alien” Mineral Was Found In Israel And It’s Much Harder Than Our Diamonds

A recent astonishing finding has piqued the interest of geologists all around the world. A mining company working in the Zevulun Valley made the discovery. Zevulun Valley is in northern Israel, close to Mount Carmel.

This mining business was extremely fortunate to unearth a mineral that had never been seen before on Earth. Every year, the International Mineralogical Association adds this new mineral to a list of new minerals awaiting official certification.

Originally, it was thought that this form of the mineral could only be discovered on alien material. This mineral is similar to allendeite, a mineral found in 1969 when the Allende meteorite landed on Earth.

This discovery by the mining business Shefa Yamim is significant since it is the first time in history that this mineral has been identified to organically develop in rock on Earth itself.

Shefa Yamin, the CEO of the mining firm, stated that the ore will be named Carmelite after the location where it was discovered.

After extensive testing, it was shown that carmeltazite, despite having a chemical makeup similar to ruby and diamond, is significantly harder than diamond. As a result, the cost of Carmeltazite is exorbitant.

According to Forbes, carameltazite occurs naturally around 18 miles below the earth’s surface.

Another intriguing fact is that Carmeltazite has only been discovered in the Zevulun Valley, making it one of the rarest minerals on the planet.

And the cost will be one to be reckoned with.

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