This 2-Million-Year-Old Doll Was Rececntly Found in Tampa, Idaho

Many contentious artifacts are frequently stolen, misplaced, or simply sold on by their original owner or discoverer. However, these artifacts occasionally make it into the public domain before abruptly disappearing forever.

This is what happens with the artifact under discussion in this article. The most common method is to have scholars and scientists study them and then disregard them as if they did not exist. Or simply reject it and turn the other cheek.

The Nampa doll is a tiny miniature made by mankind thousands of years ago. It was discovered in 1889 by a group of workmen looking for water in Idaho’s south. They were aiming to construct wheel sand, so they began to drill a borehole.

They were bringing up weird clay cuts from down there when they came across a little clay figurine in the shape of a woman.

In 1979, Professor Albert A. Wright certified the figurine’s authenticity. However, the artifact has been lost as a result of academia’s disdainful attitude toward it. What’s amazing is that the geological strata on the figure date back more than two million years, according to examination and research.

Many scholars believe it was created by a sophisticated culture. But, according to government sources, such a sophisticated society never existed, therefore how could a figure dating back more than two million years be produced by such an intelligent civilization?

For more information, watch this video and draw your own judgments.


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