They Found An 150,000-Year-Old Ancient 3-Mile-Wide Star Map in Hawaii

A YouTuber just made an incredible discovery. If you’re a lover of conspiracy theories, you should check out thirdphaseofmoon and his videos because he’s covered some interesting themes, to say the least.

His most recent stunt, on the other hand, drew a lot more attention than normal because he made a finding himself rather than reporting one made by someone else.

Brett Cousins, the account’s administrator, discovered what looks to be a massive cosmic map in Hawaii. How did he discover it? By glancing at Google Earth.

He hastily prepared and bundled his belongings, only to arrive in Hawaii and immediately deploy his drone to scan the region. That’s how he acquired the photos below.

If he is correct about this discovery, these petroglyphs could be the most ancient petroglyphs ever discovered, as they appear to be over 150,000 years old.

There isn’t much knowledge about them because he is working on this finding on his own, but he believes they were used in ancient times to contact aliens or anything along those lines.

On October 29th, the video he released based on his finding became viral, with over 19,000 people like and commenting on it.

He also stated that these lines may be related to the enigmatic Nazca lines, although he has no specific information as of yet.


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