They Claim The Time Travelers Are Living Among Us Now

John Alexanderson, who is from the year 2043, is one of the time travelers who is now on Earth. Alexanderson, a former employee of the International Center for the Observation of Black Holes, tracked a fraudulent trail up the line of command.

He discovered a top-secret effort to manipulate a small black hole a few atoms in diameter to open a portal into the past. He discovered proof that temporal criminals were abusing the portal. But when he was detected, Alexanderson took off, and landed here. He hopes to change our timeline so that the IOCBH and its criminal cell do not form.

Roger J. is a newcomer to our midst. R.J. works as an agent for the Briar, an organization that began operations in 2047. R.J.’s mission is to track down and apprehend a temporal fugitive from justice, a fellow time agent who abandoned the Briar and went rogue.

M411 is the model number of the temporal displacement devices they utilize. This model can only be used twice, therefore they each have just one jump left. If his quarry moves further back in time, R.J. will be obligated to follow him and renounce all hope of ever returning to his own time.

Gilberto1, who is from our time, traveled from his home to the year 2131 and returned with news from the future metropolis of Tokyo. Across the street from his house is a vast forested lot where he used an EMF equipment commonly used in the investigation of paranormal events.

He discovered a temporal vortex after detecting an electro-magnetic field near an oak tree. Gil traveled to Japan’s capital, the future city. There, he witnessed two new global wonders. The first was a space elevator, which rose 1,000 kilometers into the outer atmosphere and was used to transport people and equipment to lower earth orbit.

The Japanese employed the same technology to build a second wonder, the Tokyo Tower of Babel. The penthouse in the tower is so lofty that it is above the clouds.

One traveler from the past appears nowhere, a knighted servant of King George the Fifth of England in the year 1920. Lord Henry Chatterton arrived using the Chronos Velocipede, an innovation for which he provided financial support.

Its name suggests a common velocipede, the ancestor of our modern bicycle, but Lord Henry notes that the Latin term also translates literally into English as “the very rapid time machine.”


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