They Claim That This Alien Ship Acts As a ‘Second Moon’

According to most scientists, the 2020 CD3 is a recently found putative space rock that has been circling our planet for roughly three years.

This unexpected finding dubbed the ‘Second Moon,’ appears to have taken the globe by surprise because no one could see it approaching until it was grabbed by our planet’s gravity.

This object is orbiting our planet as we know it, and officials claim it is nothing more than space trash that has been entangled in our axis.

Some experts are skeptical of this assertion, claiming that it is an extraterrestrial spaceship around our world instead of circling our planet as we know it so that they can monitor our every move with their cameras.

They think that the reason for the increased interest in researching space debris is because it is metallic and artificial in character, effectively an artificial alien satellite in its own right, but the officials strongly oppose this notion, citing an even scarier explanation.

According to them, the 2020 CD3 is dangerously close to us, sitting around 384,400 kilometers away, and because of its overall small size, it could easily break off from our axis, causing mayhem and destruction on our planet, as it is even bigger than the space rock that wiped out all life in prehistoric times.

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