These Giant Swords Were Used by Ancient Giant Beings

Take a peek at the largest blade you’ve ever seen.

According to studies conducted on this sword, it was first manufactured in 1447. The most astounding aspect, though, is that it was built in a single piece. The blade is currently owned by the Kibitsu Shrine, and it was discovered fully covered in dust when it was discovered.

It has now been thoroughly cleaned and refurbished.

This massive blade (in Japanese, “niohnto”) weighs 31 pounds and is 148 inches in length. It was first used in the fourteenth century. But who could have wielded such a massive sword?

Consider how incredible it would have been if this blade had been wielded by a massive samurai. There are various legends that state that if you manage to ‘eradicate’ a huge samurai, you must keep its sword as proof.

Please watch the video below and feel free to share your comments and opinions with us.


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