These Ancient Artifacts Are Proof of An Ancient Alien Visiting Mexico

In a recent essay, I discussed the material used to create Tutankhamun’s knife (extraterrestrial material). Could our forefathers have had a close interaction with aliens?

Given the remarkable archaeological finds obtained recently, artifacts buried by the people who formerly controlled the planet, the gods with elongated skulls and cone-shaped heads from ancient times are most likely the indisputable evidence of a pre-Mayan culture.

Some families in the Mexican community of Ojuelos have collected approximately 400 antiquities in the previous 60 years; these archaeological relics are outstanding. These people hope to one day build their own museum to display the relics they have discovered over time.

Knives, plates, figurines, rings, and pendants made of jade, stone, or metal were manufactured by ancient people under the direction of these “foreign gods.”

Archaeological finds of elongated skull-shaped skulls were also made in Latin American countries. These findings were made primarily in the Peruvian city of Paracas.

The most recent such findings were made in Australia, and they were dubbed “Australian Elongatus.” What are your thoughts on these incredible ancient relics discovered in Mexico?

Please share your thoughts on the video below.

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