The Truth About Ancient Aliens, Giants, Nephilim And The Fallen Angels

Angels have been seen in almost all mythologies, and some even suggest that they are alien in nature, but the reality may be a combination of all of the notions about them.

Even if you’re not a devotee of conspiracy theories or a believer, you’ve probably heard of the Angels, yet their various incarnations may have harmed their original mythology in the first place.

Yes, Christianity frequently mentions them, and we have enough of angel iconography and sculptures to prove it, but there is evidence of Angels being mentioned before Christianity was even founded.

In Sumerian, Babylonian, Egyptian, and even Jewish literature, angels may be found. Many conspiracy theorists believe that this is due to the fact that they are extraterrestrials rather than supernatural creatures.

Their mission was to assist us along the journey, which is why we call them Gods or God’s messengers.

The Nephilim, the Fallen Angels, and the Giants are all linked together. Despite the fact that individuals are more inclined to categorize them into various groups, they might all be part of the same conspiracy theory. What are your thoughts?


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