The Tools Used to Build the Ancient Monuments Have Been Hidden in Plain Sight

The fact of the matter is that we know that the tools used to create the ancient monuments we see to this day were special, to say the least, but what we don’t know is why we don’t have access to them to this very day.

Methods in themselves continue to be a mystery to us all around since we really can’t say if they used to sound or sounds to build the monuments of the past all along.

But experts are now saying that after all this time, they might actually have discovered the truth behind it all.

This all began when the ancient Arab historian and geologist came up with the notion that ancient Egyptians used sound to move objects about with ease.

Commonly referred to as the Herodotus of the Arabs, he spoke about it around 947 AD, saying that a magic papyrus would give them directions on how to use a kind of metal rod to hold items in the air and carry them to where they were supposed to be taken.

The same object can be seen in the paws of Anubis. Commonly referred to as the Was-scepter, this strange addiction to most of the descriptions of the jackal god showed him using it in the same way as other objects like Ankh and Djed.

Many claim that these were not scepters, after all, but tuning forks that could be used to break through the toughest stones through the force of sound and vibration. In some depictions, you can even see wires coming out of them.

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