The Thorium Car Runs For 100 Years With Just 8 Grams of Fuel

The incredible car shown is a speculative concept car that could run for a hundred years without needing to be refueled. A automobile like this would be fuelled by thorium, one of the densest minerals on the planet.

Thorium-powered automobile.

Thorium’s huge density (11.7 grams per cubic meter) implies it can store an amazing quantity of energy, more than 20 million times that of coal. This means that a small amount of Thorium has the ability to deliver the same amount of energy as a huge amount of fossil fuels like coal or oil. One gram of thorium contains the equivalent of 28,000 gallons of oil in terms of energy.

Thorium, if its energy could be obtained, could be the solution to meeting humanity’s exponentially expanding energy demands while also decreasing huge greenhouse gases and global warming caused by reliance on fossil fuels. Thorium, on the other hand, is radioactive, therefore adequate safeguards would be required to assure the safety of any Thorium system.

A business called Laser Power Systems had developed a speculative design for a Thorium powered car, inspired by Thorium’s huge energy potential. Such an automobile would very certainly never need to be refueled because it would exhaust its fuel supply before it ran out. Laser Power Systems creates a laser with Thorium as the power source in this concept.

This Laser is then aimed at the water and utilized to heat it until it boils, resulting in the production of steam. This steam is then utilized to turn a turbine, which produces electricity. This energy is converted into mechanical power and used to propel the vehicle.

By incorporating Thorium into the architecture of the power system, Laser Power Systems ensures that this notional Thorium powered car will be able to drive for over a hundred years without needing to be refueled.

Even more amazing, Laser Power Systems claims that the power generation system for such a car would only require 8 grams of Thorium. Such a vehicle would be emission-free and would contribute significantly to addressing the issues connected with reliance on fossil fuels, such as global warming.


Thorium Conspiracy.

There is an alternative to uranium, according to several sources.


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