The Strange Substance That Seems To Have Its Own Intelligence – It’s Called Black Goo

Black Goo, a strange material that looks to be living, has also been discovered in German rainfall. The way this material moves gives the impression that it is alive.

This liquid crystal was derived from SS black stones used in World War II, which are identical to those used in pagan ceremonies and the black stone located in Mecca’s Kaaba.

This crystal appears to have landed on Earth from outer space; it includes monoatomic gold and monoatomic iridium, which may take up vectorial positions in the gaps between people’s DNS spirals.

This stone has the ability to affect individuals both favorably and negatively. During ceremonies, ancient priests ingested monoatomic gold in order to keep their youth, allowing them to live up to 800 to 900 years.

Also, monoatomic gold is described in the Bible: “The gold of this earth is exceedingly pure, fragrant, resinous, and the onyx stones are there,” according to Genesis 2:12.

The curious thing is that the Bush family has land near a Black Goo deposit, and Angela Merkel has also purchased property near this mysterious material.

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