The Oldest Submerged Ancient City Was Found And Explored in Southern Greece (video)

This is by far one of the oldest submerged cities that humanity’s ever uncovered. We know that it was incredibly ancient both from the structures here and from the ancient Greek epic poem named “Iliad” which mentions it a lot.

The poem dates back to 2800 BC and according to many experts that studied the ruins, the whole lost city is around 9 acres or so in diameter.

It was an ancient center of commerce for the Minoan Civilization and the Mycenaean civilization as a whole and yet despite its success, it was still completely submerged around 1,000 BC.

According to most experts, this happened because of a bunch of earthquakes which were so powerful that the whole environment was destroyed thanks to them.

Around 15 of the buildings that were submerged with the city all dating back to 5,000 years ago or so and thanks to modern-day society we’ve managed to even create a perfect recreation of what they looked like back during their prime.

John Henderson of the University of Nottingham is the leader of the team that was tasked with uncovering the city’s secrets and so far, he’s made some incredible discoveries.

Take a look at the video below if you want to find out more:


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