The Mysterious Shadow People – These ‘Interdimensional Beings’ Are Spotted By Many People

Have you ever seen a shadowy figure out of the corner of your eye, and when you turned to see who it was, the person had vanished?

Many individuals throughout the world (including myself) are experiencing this – more people are talking about seeing shadow people and asking who they are and what their role on planet Earth is!

While you may sense something there, the shadow figure is either gone or swiftly moving away from you by the time you turn your head – as indicated above, many individuals have described seeing a dark person standing in the corner of their eye, but when they glance over there’s nothing there!

Beings from other dimensions.

Harley SwiftDeer Reagan, also known as “Thunder Strikes” in this interview, was previously interviewed by Art Bell of the Coast to Coast AM radio series. Thunder said that the shadow people are truly parallel dimensional entities that were initially reported by indigenous people in 1153 BC!

Between 1980 and 2000, there was some type of awakening, according to ‘Thunder,’ and beginning in 2001, there was “The Quickening,” in which events and time seemed to speed up rapidly. At the same time, shadow people were becoming apparent as frequencies rose, allowing them to reach our plane.

Thunder said at the time that these shadow people, which he refers to as “inorganic entities,” reside in a parallel plane and are known to feed off of our emotional release of energy as well as pandemonium. It’s been suggested that these shadow individuals are similar to energy vampires.

Many individuals throughout the world, including myself, have observed that these shadow people appear to wear cloak-like clothing. Some people have described these beings as being large, while others have described them as being little dark figures with piercing red eyes!

Please see the video below of a claimed ‘dark shadow’ figure accidentally caught on camera — we at U.I.P. can’t confirm what or who this is on camera, but if it’s true, we calculated that this person would have been enormous in height!

What is your mental state?

It has previously been suggested that these shadow figures are solely the result of an individual’s mental condition, and that anxiety and tension may have induced an overworked mind, resulting in these shadow figures. Sleep paralysis, illusions, or hallucinations caused by physiological or psychological conditions, drug usage or side effects of medicine, and the impact of external agents on the human body have all been implicated for these sightings.

Another possible cause of the illusion is sleep deprivation, which may cause hallucinations – it would be fascinating to chat with other people who have experienced these shadow persons to see whether any of these ‘problems’ have been reported; I’m sure the great majority haven’t!

I’m Having Conversations With The Shadows.

When you see a shadow figure emerge in your vision, it might make you feel quite lonely and concerned, because it’s not something you can openly discuss in public! This strange yet scary momentary encounter may make you think you’re going insane, but you’re not, and you’re one of many people who have had similar experiences (myself included).

The main question is, “Can you talk to these shadow people and find out what they want?” Unfortunately, it looks that you won’t be able to do so for the time being because they don’t tend to linger around once they’ve been seen. Also, if these creatures are from another dimension, it will be unable to connect with them at present time – though this may change in the future if we ever figure out precisely what is going on in the world and who these shadow people are.

It’s critical that you chat to others about your experience, possibly in group forums, or join us on Facebook and participate in the ongoing discussions. You are not alone, believe us.

Why am I here?

Apart from feeling a bit insane after seeing these bizarre shadowy beings over a period of roughly 6 months, I kept asking myself “why me,” and I know this is something that many others experience after witnessing the same thing. One of the leading theories is that it exists halfway between metaphysics and quantum physics.

It’s likely that when our third-dimensional veil lifts, we’ll be more aware of beings from other dimensions or with other frequencies. As realms mix and overlap, many more bizarre and inexplicable events are likely to emerge. With all of this in mind, it’s possible that people who are more ‘open-minded’ will be more susceptible to perceiving these extraterrestrial visits!

Another intriguing aspect of these sightings is that animals appear to be able to see and sense these possible interdimensional visitors as well – so if you ever see your pet nervously leaning against a wall, it could mean that your shadowy friends have returned, only this time they aren’t visible to you!

SUMMARY OF THE U.I.P. – I had a lot of fun creating this post since I’ve seen Shadow people before, and I still see them now and then! When I initially started seeing these bizarre images, I was terrified and, as previously stated, I thought I was going insane! But it wasn’t until I learned that MANY other individuals throughout the world were having the same problem that I decided to conduct additional investigation.

They say there are techniques to defend oneself against shadow people if you believe you’ve been visited by them! Most essential, you must conquer your fear, since they will continue to feed off of it until you do. Not that they are attempting to terrify anybody; perhaps they are attempting to communicate with someone, or perhaps they are unaware that they are in another realm.

In the meanwhile, be cool and date the time and location where you saw the shadow figure, as well as discuss it with other like-minded individuals who have had similar experiences – please let us know and register it as a sighting on our website!

It’s been said that these shadow forms are Ghosts, wandering spirits caught in a realm they can’t get out of (you have seen the film Sixth Sense right). Researchers have also speculated that these people may be time travelers from the future visiting us – perhaps we, the human race, have discovered techniques to travel back in time!? It is possible to achieve anything.

When I was leaving my house the other day, I noticed a tall man standing at the corner of my road, but guess what? Yes, when I took a closer look, there was no one there. I believe that once you’ve seen them, you’ll never forget them.

The Shadow People, one thing is certain: they are very real! Please share your stories with us.


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