The Mysterious Ancient Legend Of Planet Tara

This is the legend of Planet Tara. It would begin about 560,000,000 years ago with the birth of a project known as Turaneusiam.

Led by ETs and Meta ETs, this project consisted of twelve subraces. And where these master races were originally seated would become known as Planet Tara.

For the first 10 million years, everything went very smoothly. And these beings had almost godlike status. They had abilities and technology that you and I couldn’t even fathom today.

But at the pinnacle of their society, these beings would be manipulated and inner bread by unrelated extraterrestrial factions. This unexpected intervention would have a negative impact, causing digression and division among the races.

Eventually, this would result in splitting into two major divisions. One would become known as the Alanians, the other half the Lumians.

And this division would lead to catastrophe.

After being seated for the grand experiment on planet Tara, which is located in a harmonic universe. The race of humanoids that inhabited her thrive for 10 million years.

That was until an evil alien faction interfered, manipulating and breeding with them.

This would divide the race into two different divisions, Alanians and Lumians. And it wouldn’t take long before the Alanians sought control over the Lumians.

They hope to achieve this by weaponizing the planet’s Crystal Power Core. As a result, the Lumians would seek assistance from the Sirian Council. They would back them, and eventually, they would move across the ocean to a place called Mo.

The Council would then give them immunity so they couldn’t be attacked. This would result in the Alanians teaming up with the Sirian Anunnaki.

Both parties would refuse to listen, and the Sirian rebellion war would break up. The war ends when the Alanians accidentally blow up the power crystals, killing the planet.

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